Lining Up for Duty Under Extreme Conditions!

These half ton ball screw jacks will soon be deployed for heavy duty use in a demanding outdoor application. Before shipment, they will receive special grade paint to optimize their performance under those harsh conditions. Nook has specialized in-house capability to manage specialized paint, coatings and materials for our screw jack, electric cylinder, and linear actuator product lines.

This is another distinct advantage of having all of operations co-located at one U.S. based facility. This provides us with the nimbleness to easily coordinate customized solutions that give your equipment an advantage under extreme conditions. Our advanced paint cell does this every day. 

Demanding Environments Can Include: 

  • Excessive Heat and Humidity
  • Extreme Cold and Ice
  • Water
  • Dust and Dirt
  • Food Handling
  • Corrosion


Sizing Up the Application

First, it is important to consider your specific requirements for performance, budget, and schedule.

A good place to start…

A good first step is to determine where your application falls on the standard Ingress Protection Ratings Guide.

  • Where does the application fit on the IP Ratings Guide?
  • What level of protection is actually required? 

Additional detail...Once there is a basic understand of the required protection level, we can now further determine some other specific environmental requirements such as:

  • What are the budgetary and schedule restrictions?
  • What is the operating environment (heat, cold, wet, dry, dirty, etc...)
  • Does the application come into contact with food?
  • Are there any specific regulatory standards? 
  • What are some key safety concerns?


Tailoring a Perfect Linear Motion Solution for Specific Environments

Once we have this basic application information, Nook can then match the ideal product fit with the right configuration and features to match the desired performance. In addition, we can align the right solution based to meet your budget and schedule limitations. 

Below is an example where we were able to provide a custom solution for a tight budget. IP69K protection was not necessary for this particular food grade application. We are able to provide a lower cost solution to get the job done with limited investment.

Lower cost programmable linear actuator solution for food washdown application included:

  • 2 Part white epoxy
  • Food grade top coat
  • Protect from wash down
  • Special gaskets/seals
  • 2nd plate with rod/wiper
  • Special motor mount


Standard Linear Actuator



Customized Version


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Premium Finishes

Premium finishes are available including Epoxy, Outdoor, Marine, or any other finish or coatings per customer specification.

Understanding your environmental condition is critical to any successful application. To maximize life of any Nook Industries products, considering material and paint options is critical depending on the operating environment. Many of our products can be offered in anti-corrosion material, such as 304 stainless alloys. In addition, Nook Industries provides several paint options for a variety of environmental applications. 

We can also paint or apply specialized coatings to a specific customer specification.


Some examples of a few basic paint alternatives:

Other Specialized Environmental Components

Nook provides a host of options designed to enhance environmental performance. Some of these include:

  • Stainless Steel Worm Shafts
  • Chrome Plating
  • Stainless Steel Fittings and Hardware
  • Specialized Seals
  • Low Temperature or High Temperature Grease
  • Bellows Boots


Nook has the solutions to optimize performance in any demanding environment.


Stainless Solutions

Nook also provides a variety of stainless steel options that are ideal for use in environments that are wet, humid, or provide exposure to contaminants such as industrial strength cleaning solutions or harsh chemicals. 



Screw Jacks


Modular Linear Actuators


Food Grade Linear Actuators


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