July 15, 2021

Explosion Proof Linear Actuators

Nook Industries offers a highly configurable line of modular linear actuators specially developed for explosion-protection zones. These linear actuators are are commonly used in bottling technology for explosive substances such as:

By Nick Novotny

July 8, 2021

Product Spotlight: Clean Room Linear Actuators

What special requirements do our customers usually have in markets such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor processing?

By Nick Novotny

May 17, 2021

Screw Jacks and Environmental Applications

A screw jack application operating condition is defined by two criteria. The first is the environment and the second is the temperature.  The environment describes the area where the screw jack application is located. The temperature describes the ambient temperature in which the screw jack will be performing.

By Shawn Mills

April 20, 2021

Getting Motion on Government Contracts

With over 50 years of experience in providing linear motion solutions and services to a vast array of defense and infrastructure projects, Nook has the unique capability to see a variety of customer requirements and contractual flow-downs.

By Dan Piltz

March 3, 2021

Electric Linear Actuators in Solar Trailers

Electric Linear Actuators in Solar Trailers Traditionally in industry, heavy equipment has been put into motion by way of hydraulics and similar mechanisms. However, technology has taken leaps and

By Nick Novotny