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Ball Spline Products

PowerTorq™ Ball Splines are convenient and efficient devices that allow friction free linear motion while transmitting torque. Because of their reliability and high efficiency, these ball spines are utilized to replace conventional splines. In a ball spline assembly, recirculating bearing balls carry the load between the rotating member (inner race) and the rotating/sliding member (outer race).

Ball Spline Literature

Power Torque Precision Ball Spline

PowerTorq™ inner races are made of high quality 4150 alloy steel, induction hardened to Rc 56-60. Outer races are made of hardened steel with ball tracks heat treated to Rc 56-60. The inner and outer races are protected with a black oxide finish.

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Ball Spline - Inch

Ball Spline - Inch

The PowerTorq™ Outer Race use of rolling elements resulting in a low coefficient of friction. The PowerTorq™ Ball Spline assembly uses rolling elements to carry a load similar to an anti-friction (ball) bearing.