These heavy duty electric cylinders will optimize the linear motion of equipment used in the Metal Casting Industry.

Casting Automation Equipment

The massive shift from iron to aluminum and other light alloys (driven by both ecological and economical reasons) is impacting affecting the future design of metal casting equipment. As a result, foundries are investing heavily in advanced machines and systems. 

This is primarily driven by the ever-increasing aluminum content in vehicles (~5% annually). To meet this growing demand, a large number of foundries will be required throughout the world.

A wide range of equipment and systems are available that can automate common tasks while improving overall casting output. The decreasing cost of automation systems, and increased competition is allowing even smaller facilities to shift towards more automation.

Cost reduction, product quality, and consistency are among the primary reasons metal casters are converting to automation systems. Robotics provide increased ergonomic benefits while taking on more dangerous activities such as pouring (improving safety).



Types of Foundry Automation include:

  • Removals & pick off systems
  • Automated casting, cleaning, and inspection stations
  • Automated sting, pouring and coating stations
  • Robotic cells and handling systems


The primary advantage of using automation systems in foundries is flexibility - they readily adapt to a variety of tasks and functions. 

  • Reduced cost and streamlined production processes
  • Greater consistency and improved productivity
  • Reduced scrap castings and improved worker safety.


Nook Electric Cylinders - The ideal complement to Heavy Industrial Automation Equipment 

Electric Cylinder

Nook’s rugged Electric Cylinders are available in standard models with thrust capacities from 500 lbs. To 40,000 lbs. Electric Cylinders are intended for heavy duty use in industrial environments including outdoor applications.


They are supplied in a Single Reduction, Double Reduction, or an In-Line Configurations. Electric Cylinders are intended for use in industrial environments and feature ground and hard chrome plated actuator tubes with industrial enamel paint on exterior surfaces. Heavy duty electric cylinders can be supplied for outdoor applications.

  • Use individually or in multiple arrangements.
  • Built to specification.
  • For outdoor applications, contact Nook Engineering for recommended alterations.
  • Ground and hard chrome plated actuator tubes.
  • Exterior surfaces feature industrial enamel paint (Epoxy, polyurethane, and marine grades available on request).


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