Nook Industries can not only manufacture build to print solutions for a customer's design, but we also have the extended ability to Evaluate, Optimize, and Validate a custom design.

Nook provides a wide variety of testing and simulation services to help our customers design better products. We can simulate many real-world scenarios to determine how a given design will perform. This helps to speed design process, improve reliability, determine life cycle, and predict performance in advance.

We apply solid modeling and finite-element analysis (FEA), as well as industry best practices such as tolerance analysis, risk analysis, and comprehensive testing protocols to ensure all products perform to exact requirements. Design and process verification/validation tools are employed throughout the product development cycle.

Nook's engineering team is trained and experienced in designing and evaluating solutions for some of the harshest conditions across multiple industries, including Nuclear, Defense, and Aerospace. 

Life testing with predictive tools, data for prognostics, performance wear models, and proof testing under multiple operating conditions helps to reduce design cycles.


Design Optimization and Validation

Nook utilizes traditional calculations paired with Solidworks™ Simulation to perform upfront component and system evaluation. This allows the design to be optimized before parts are released for manufacturing. Ultimately, this predictive modeling helps to avoid costly design issues from appearing further into the program schedule.



Other simulation software such as MESYS is utilized to optimize ball screw performance. The Nook engineering team can evaluate and optimize performance from the total system down to the individual ball bearing used.


Nook Industries can see a design through from initial design optimization to final design validation based on the customer's individual needs. From efficiency testing to life validation, we can design, test, and validate linear motion systems from beginning of the development cycle to product release.


Nook Simulation and Testing Capabilities



Design Validation Testing

  • Life Testing
  • Loading Testing
  • Efficiency Testing
  • Functional Testing

Simulation Analysis

  • Linear Static Analysis
  • Nonlinear Static Analysis
  • Frequency Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Random Vibration Analysis
  • Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis: impact, shock, time
  • Varying Loads
  • Design Study (Parametric Optimization)
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Linear Buckling Analysis
  • Drop-Test Analysis

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