2 Week Delivery for Standard 2.5 & 5 Ton Jacks


3 Week delivery was good... but not good enough for the Nook Manufacturing Team. Motivated by the increased need for faster delivery, Nook can now provide Standard 2 & 5 ton jacks in 2 weeks!


When you need it faster!

The Nook team wanted to provide our customers with better options when delivery is critical for their jack applications. We continue to optimize our internal processes to better suit your evolving needs. This will be an ongoing process for us.

Value add for our customers includes:

  • Shorter design cycle
  • Optimized supply chain
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased reliability


Need a complete Screw Jack System?

Nook provides mechanical system designers with a multitude of accessories and powerful online tools to easily configure jack systems for a wide variety of applications including Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Transportation, and many more… 

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