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The Nook Screw Jack Advantage

We never use low-grade components in our product.

All acme and ball screws are manufactured in-house.

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Designed for Optimized Performance

  • We manufacturer our own acme/ball-screws in-house.
  • Manganese bronze for optimal lubricity and longer life.
  • Larger bearings and drive sleeve for durability.
  • Larger travel nut increases life.
  • Ground worm gears for better fit.
  • 5-year warranty on 20 ton jacks.
  • 4142 alloy steel link shafts (more tensile strength and hardness).
  • Press fit bearings for less wear.
  • In house capability holds tighter machining tolerances. 
  • Black oxide coated lift shaft fights corrosion.

Performance Testing

We constantly evaluate the performance of our screw jacks at our state-of-the art linear motion testing facility.

Longer Life with Higher Efficiency

Lower Operating Temperature = Longer Life

Nook Screw Jacks Demonstrate Lower Operating Temperature Over Time.

Due to Nook Industries superior engineering and selection of materials, the ActionJac product line runs at a higher efficiency as compared to competitive screw jack products. This higher efficiency allows for lower torque values, lower energy demands, and can utilize smaller motors and drives.

Military and aerospace applications may require greater environmental variability. 


5 Ton Screw Jack Comparison

  • Testing at Nook's facility shows comparisons of different 5 ton screw jacks.
  • Average temperature over 5000, 10,000, and 15,000 cycles.



A key component of reliability engineering.

Less Input Torque = Higher Efficiency

Nook Screw Jacks Require Less Input Torque Over Time.

Nook Industries ActionJac utilizes a special bronze material that allows the jack to operate at lower temperatures compared to competitive screw jacks. These lower operating temperatures give the Nook ActionJac a longer life, less frequent maintenance, and increased uptime in your application.

Smoother and more efficient performance.


5 Ton Screw Jack Comparison

  • Testing at Nook's facility shows comparisons of different 5 ton screw jacks.
  • Torque-to-Raise-one-pound at 5000, 10,000, and 15,000 cycles.



A mechanical advantage.