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Anode Style Screw Jacks

For Aluminum Smelting

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Anode Style Screw Jacks for Aluminum Smelting

Aluminum Smelting

Aluminum smelters are continuously challenged with maximizing efficiency and potline uptime with constant and extreme wear and tear on their equipment (24 hours a day, 7 days per week). Anode screw jack systems position a beam (with attached anodes) in an electrolyte bath that contains smelting raw materials and chemicals (to support the process). Electronic controls position the anodes (with high precision) in the electrolyte bath. The anode beam is raised or lowered by the control system (sometimes to the thousandth of an inch).

The Nook Advantage

Nook Industries provides customized anode screw jack solutions to aluminum smelters that are seeking to replace older obsolete/failing system. We can readily provide new, cutting edge anode screw jack designs to upgrade these facilities while significantly improving the efficiency and throughput of the overall smelting process.

  • Performance: Nook anode jacks are designed to increase the overall efficiency, performance, and reliability of the OEM equipment.
  • Custom Design: Nook can provide a custom anode jack design to meet individual customer specifications. We can supply a system with either two or four anode screw jacks to accommodate a specific pot design. These can easily be installed to replace the existing system while conforming to specific smelting pot travel length and lifting capacities.
  • Unmatched Technical Support: Our application and design engineers are easily accessible to collaborate on a solution that best solves your individual smelting facility challenges. 



Anode Jacks

The Anode Jack is a heavy-duty version of our standard screw jack. It is modified to support the high temperature loads found in the aluminum smelting industry. Anode jacks are able to withstand extreme environmental factors, such as high ambient temperatures in excess of 200 degrees and the close proximity of abrasive materials and contaminates. They are available as individual screw jack or in multiple screw jack arrangements. 

  • Upright or inverted screw jack designs (Translating or rotating)


  • Large capacity design (handles side loading stress)
  • Heat-treated alloy steel worms (improved tensile strength)
  • Wear Resistant bronze worm gears (up to 40% larger) 
  • Designed to withstand compressive overloads
  • Heavy duty seals (Alumina dust protection)
  • Extra large bearings


  • One Piece forged rod end and lifting screw
  • Hexagonal drive ends
  • High accuracy machined screw thread
  • Precision heavy duty worm gears
  • High temperature paint and grease
  • Double bearing worm shaft
  • Extended stem cover (top or bottom)

Optional Items

  • High Temperature Bellows Boot (Contaminant Protection)
  • Custom Feedback Devices (High Temperature Operation)
  • Custom Mounting and Rod Designs
  • Wear Monitoring Capability
  • Auto-Lube Connection