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Extended Satellite Reach


Early antenna designs often incorporated expensive anti-backlash configurations, but Scientific-Atlanta was looking for less expensive solution that would provide even better positioning results. Scientific-Atlanta uses large satellite communication earth station antennas as international gateways for voice and data communications. Their 18-meter antenna required precise positioning to within 0.01 degree in the elevation and azimuth axes. They needed a worm gear screw jack that would provide this level of precise positioning, even in extreme environments.


Nook's 75-ton ActionJacTM worm gear screw jacks were the solution Scientific-Atlanta needed. 75-ton jackscrews provide precise positioning, even in extreme Arctic environments. In addition, they provide the structural integrity needed for hurricane-force wind survival conditions.

Nook Advantages

  • Precise positioning

Customer Benefits:

  • Reduced costs with simplified design
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced adjustment requirements